Sunday, March 2, 2008


I spent part of last night playing online Texas Hold 'Em. No, not the type that requires a credit card, but the sinless version. I'm sorry, but I'll be heading right to that Facebook thing right after I finish blogging.
I just got home from playing tennis in my community, after church and Sunday School.
Otherwise, It's 2:45, and I have to decide if the tournament finale will be worth going to. I missed last night's game, so I don't know if we passed into this round or are just about to start in the third place game. I think I could be a good sports blog-tator...
We started cleaning a long-neglected closet which has been stacking up like rock layers. The top of the pile resembles 2006, but by probing the bottom you can guesstimate that the bottom was founded in about 1995.
Tomorrow I have no work to do. Maybe I'll go out to the bank to deposit a hefty load of coins, but I really also should go to U Street to apply for a summer government job. Let's see what they think I can do in life. Of course, my generation says "that I'm a winner and it's fine if I don't fell that I need you to be my boss, because I'm a winner and someone else will want me and spoil me rotten."
So long for now!

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