Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catch-up, on sleep

I play it cool
And dig all jive
That's the reason
I stay alive.

My motto,
As I live and learn
Dig and be dug
In Return

(Langston Hughes)

I wanted to include the poem "On hearing the intent of purchasing the poet's freedom", which included a jubilee about liberation from the toils of the world, but I lost the packet, and had to settle with the next suitable poetry.

Anyway, it's Spring Break. It finally came, and I'm enjoying my first few minutes of it, especially when it took a while to get our locker room open. Otherwise, maybe the admin will get the jist of things and realize that locking the rooms during sports causes more problems than it solve. Notwithstanding, we're finally getting smart-boards, the most attention- grabbing internet-ready digital chalkboards in the world. Yes, I've worked with them at St. Thomas before, and they're great.

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