Wednesday, March 26, 2008

End of a Golden Era

It's time to get caught up on the journal. That means time for poetry. But I'm not in poetry mood, however, and the journal will look like a bullet list.

Got up and breakfast at the White House.
The Starbucks stand refused to serve me a dessert drink, even though they are not ashamed of taking my peoples' money for a shot of caffeine, street name, "frap".
Wasted the rest of the day in front of computer.
Went biking- hands got cold and swelled up.

Total waste of a day- Little Brother's fault.
Went biking- The Mall is scary at night.

Priority seating in The Supreme court, thanks to Court Marshall Thongtavee. A very special event.
Didn't have too much time to waste.
Violin Lesson, AU
Walked from Dupont Circle via West End to Home

Thursday and Friday
My last two days of vacation. They must not go to waste. I have planned a Metro-cursion with Little Brother for tomorrow.

The main item I was supposed to talk about is way too important to be relegated to the bottom of a journal entry

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