Monday, March 31, 2008

Hallway Chat with an Internet Personality

A brief post today- I have to find and PC a post, which one of our readers found.

Last night, I watched the infamous "Peeps in the Park" video right before bed. Yes it happened. I had a dream about the stadium. So here it goes: It was night. About 12 of my gradesmen, and I, were driving to the Nats stadium, just as the video recommended not to do. Everyone else parked in a desolate field about 1 mile from the stadium. The others dodged lead as I parked in the empty stadium garage. I woke up.
On the topic of videos, this was Metro's most popular internet infomerical video, by far, with over 30,000 views. The other videos are slightly over 100. Anyway, they did a good job entertaining Washington.
You should also see...Depressed choirboys in England, parts 1 and 2. Sad Americans in England. Views are in the multihundreds.
Also, I was tabletopped for the first time today. For your information, this is a debalancing game played by two culprits/assailants and one sorry victim. Can't say all here now. I have grand ideas for the TTAG Facebook group, declined as Tabletopping Awareness Group. Free stuff!

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