Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funk The War

March 19, 2003

Six years to the date? According to plans, this war is set to end by year 8. So therefore, we can start packing away the protest stuff for a while. But this was not the case for a group of re-creationists. I passed by the affair when it was just starting to gather at Franklin Square. Nothing much, but there was raucous '70's music and lots of collegiate and high school types, retro style, and lots of coppers in blue shirt and helmet.

According to the independent press, various symbolic targets of last year were targeted, as usual. Lobbyist's row (K Street), a recruiting center, and the GOP HQ, which had "too many cops around to break (the doors) down." So if you come by the Farragut Square area, check out the plastered signs. If things go faster than expected, next year's Funk will be dilatory.

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