Saturday, March 14, 2009

Virginia, not Florida

Friday. First day of extended vacation since December. Little Brother had us go...west, but not too far. I-66. Exit 73- We enter from the Key Bridge. By Exit 64- the highway expands to four lanes each way: Much traffic joins from Beltway. Just prior to that point, Traffic to the big shopping mall and the airport split away. Why am I narrating this drive?! Anyway, past wherever it is now in Gainesville, it becomes a really pleasant country road- there's farms, Chapman's Mill (, and mountains. Front Royal and Winchester, a short doodah. Front Royal was a stop for lunch- Top's China converted last year from a chinese takeout to a more authentically Chinese buffet (there is real Chinese music on a non-region 1 disc!) Winchester has gotten more upscale with the proliferation of wineries in the area. Thai? Haute French Country? Surprisingly, I didn't notice any really upscale hotels for these winery types. But, the goal was to not spend a lot of time.

According to the official state vintner's guide, the climate is similar to the grape growing regions in France and Italy. Nevertheless, I'm not going to be 21 for a while, so what can you say about something you haven't tried.

All in all, an excellent thing to do for day 1 of spring break.

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