Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A More Intellectual Night Out

"Let's go to the JHU place at Sceince City and watch cells multiply, then, we can watch a techincal presentation on neurology as we eat 'dippin' dots'." That's the sceince cityt lifestyle. Just like Tyson's Corner is remaking itself from blacktop and office towers and a fantastic mall into a full-service city (that is not totally contained within the mall), Montgomery County, Md, just across the river, wants to turn a starship research cewnter, The Shady Grove Life Science Center (it already has a Metro station nearby!) into a 24-hour destination. Granted that it's already a 7am (some scientists like to start early) to 1am destination (some scientists try to get home for dinner). It'll cause a traffic jam! It'll be like Tyson's Corner! Then there is, "It will be a fabulous opportunity to show that Montgomery County is a first-rate center for research (it already is).", claims some.

On the plans is to include high-desity residences, an entertainment center, hotel, and research space, and so on.

Science has done so much for us and the world, prolong our lives, debunk prejudice, make the world a better place, and so on.

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