Monday, October 12, 2009

Italian American Hertiage Day?

Here is a politically incorrect view of the 'discovery' of America. Of course, it ignores the role of the Vikings and the fact that there were already people living here, as well as the crimes against humanity that happened afterward.

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Columbus wanted to find a new way to India

People thought he was a fool; he would surely fall off the edge of the map!

Back then, people thought the world was a rectangle, like you see on a map.

Columbus was Italian, but he got some money from the Spanish queen. Spain was the richest country at the time.

He built three boats: The Nina, a small boat, the Pinta, the boat in the middle, and the Santa Maria, a big boat

Columbus set out with much fanfare.

But he got into a storm, and lost two boats.

The seamen were tired. They were hungry. Some were sick. They wondered wheh or if they would ever get to India.

But one day, they saw land.

Columbus found America, but he did not know that yet.

After a while, Columbus realized the people who greeted him on the shore were not from India.

However, the name for the people he found stuck around.

Columbus traded European goods for some of what the Indians had

Columbus went back to Spain very happy with his discovery.

Even 500 years later we remember what Columbus did. Many laces in America are named after him, such as
Columbus, Ohio
Columbia, South Carolina
Columbia, Maryland
The District of Columbia, where the Capitol and White House are located.

We even have a holiday named after him.

On Columbus Day, we celebrate his discovery, and honor the role of Italian Americans in our country.

(For better or worse, elementary schools are teaching kids a more balanced view of Christopher Columbus in the New World.)

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