Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It's election time at school. Here is an Atticus Sawatzki's brief rundown of the candidates.

Tom Zorc- without bias, he is a manager for the Priory Press. He also touches our hearts with compassion and humility. I heard that he transferred his papal mass ticket to a freshman. Great guy. Great material for election.

Travis Smith- was the first person I met on my first real day at Saint Anselm's. Doesn't really look down upon the underclassmen. Very nice person to know. Great material for election.

Johnny Carpenter- One of my first Facebook friends. Seems to be a popular candidate, even though I don't really know him.

Lucas Husted- I don't know much about his campaign. All I know of his qualifications is Honor Roll. I'm not in his circles much, either.

Debate tomorrow, voting Friday.

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