Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Basics

Last night, I reported that I was almost hit by a smooth Nigerian wire-fraud criminal. But I never got the chance to tell the compelling story of my weekend adventures.

Saturday was Suitland orchestra, then around on the Beltway to Annadale to Chinese food shop. Looping back home, I forgot what I did the rest of the night, except I did do tennis in the park.

Sunday was spent partly in church and in Ponticus, the fancy name for high school church group. It was raining and thundering, but we still went to the Earth Day event on the mall. THereafter, it was home again, but only after navigating through the urban renewal complex called L'Enfant Plaza and the HUD.

Monday, it was still raining. Crushed a French quiz. Received my shiny gold NLE medal.

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