Sunday, April 13, 2008


I just couldn't find how to get the math problems sent over to me- especially since it is a worksheet.

AKA Peer Pressure

SO...It was Saturday at 9am where I left off. Very miserable conditions in the morning. Hot day, humid, no A/C, poor ventilation. And anguish. I watched as the blockheads of the committee trash our (Singapore and Italy) budget amendment. 27% approval. Therefore the other sponsors had a better chance of winning a prize. I was running out of time.

Lunch at M street Chipotle (There are 2 on M street, the downtown one was where the Freshmen went. And Bobby Beatson (Is he trying to run for student council? He is in 12th grade) as well as Presidential Candidate Tom Zorc.

In the afternoon, I was bitter about what the blockheads had done. I was preparing to vote No to the bill that would not include our amendment and totally trash the committee in my voting response. But I voted yes and turned my bitter speech into a heartfelt one. (Google Docs doesn't work well on my home computer) In that session, I was able to take a sponsorship.
I made a slip-up.
I said a second-circle item during moderated caucus by saying;"It is said that Michael Jordan makes more on royalties from Nike than all the child laborers in Malaysia combined."

Next day, last hour, we got our working paper turned into resolution. However, we cut short right before voting (I said "Close Debate", not "Close the meeting") to get to the 'Soulja Boy' dance-off. Such a debacle.

At the break at 11am, we had ended up in two groups. The 3rd floor people (including myself) had ended the debacle earlier than the 4th floor. We had left and were wandering on Pennsylvania Avenue, interested in not eating lunch then. The other people, with, again, Bobby Beatson, were walking. I decided to play in their circle and return.

After I was done with that tomfoolery, I returned to see that they had disappeared. I tried calling the two numbers I had for those people, but no success. So I was done with them.
They had gone into Johnny Rockets, a Dan Snyder company. I had no need to eat then, so I didn't. I however, did note that the service was slow, especially since that our group was the only one in the 2000 Penn. restaurant at the time. Enter the older guys. Nazan, as we call him, was absolutely impulsive and a risk to our community. Knocked over Bobby's drink, and then, in a separate incident, nearly sent my complimentary glass of water to the floor, along with the embroidered glass.

Somehow we survived, and I tipped the waitress $1, who brought me that complimentary glass. We made it back in time for the awards ceremony. This was the most nervous time of the conference. My heart beat fast as the chair ran through the list of awards. "Monaco from St. Alban's." That was a committee that was listed before mine. This was my co-delegate last time, when we did not get a personal award. If I did not win here, then it would be apparent that I was a liability. We got to our World Summit on Children. Singapore, the very influential voice of my work, got a verbal commendation. What was happening? Didn't she perform better than I? Actually, somehow, despite all the flaws and controversies I had created, I won an honorable delegate award, equivalent to the previous co-delegate. I was out of the hot water then.

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