Thursday, April 24, 2008

O Fabulam Miseram!

My three textbooks are still missing. French, Bon Voyage 2 and its workbook, as well as History's World History to 1800. I hereby pronounce them stolen from my desk, because the prank has gone on too long. I know our GPA's are competitive, but this will most likely cost me an Honor Roll title, and $30.

Not just that, but now my Math notebook is embezzled. How can I live like this.
Add to that the fact that I didn't eat lunch today, because of my Experimental Design project. I'm most near starved by noon, and then tack on 31/2 hours to chew on a sushi roll- misery.

But 2 good things. Others loved my Mother's mercury-free sushi rolls, and after Tennis, some 'them' left in a car with the Vice President Elect to Brookland Station. Of course I did not go with them, but rather was left to make my own way to the station.
I was never expecting to catch up to them in their car, especially with the southbound 80 catching every red light. But I did make it, setting a first for metro-racing private transportation to Brookland (remember, I've done Fort Totten multiple times). A remarkable feat, as there was no communication between I and them. I never got to hear if they gave me a head start- like a daddy who lets their toddler win in a race against himself- because they went to Ben and Jerry's at Union Station.

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