Monday, April 28, 2008

Tsk Tsk.

I gave the 10 minute 37 second caffeine talk.

So we found who the book thief might be. I'm going to watch the internet to make sure he doesn't try to make a quick $75 off of victim #2's book, after taking my own (probably because he lost his own).

I set a new speed record for home. 4:00 on the dot- a mere 40 minutes- because the shuttle left on time, 2 minute wait for Red Line Train, direct connection to Orange Line- foot got stuck in door. It's OK now. Lost about 5 seconds to pick up $2 that I found at the gate. But it was worth the time. ($2 x 12 x 60= $1440/ hour)
Still room for improvement!

Now: $/hour of other coin pick-up activities: based on 10 second pick-up time. Penny- $3.60, which is not worth picking up because of the cost of washing your hands. Nickel- $18, Dime-$36, Quarter-$90, Half Dollar (sometimes I do find them on the street!)-$180, Dollar-$360.
Delli-can-drive countdown: 15 days.

Maybe Coming Soon to the Jangoonow: Delli sings. Includes hits such as "The 3:20 song", "It's _____", " Christopher to the song of Shape of Life" (I refuse to market the song because of political incorrectness issues)

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