Friday, April 25, 2008

Dies Irae

Things went from terrible to the abyss of heck when I discovered last night that my Math notebook was missing, too. I suffered to get as much of the math done as possible for homework, but I nearly skipped dinner, after missing lunch.

But I can't stay miserable for over 24 hours.
8:55 am, books found being filing cabinet.

Mike Higgins was the real writer of the "3:20" song. Stephen only made it a tune for your daily activities, and the song became famous with him.

18 days until my first classmate is capable of receiving his Learner's Permit. (aka drive with your mother) That was because of a loophole in Virginia State Law that allows 15 1/2-year-olds get their driving permits- regardless of educational attainment. That's going to be a whole 11 months before me, because DC doesn't trust freshmen behind the wheel. Some people say that they know other freshmen that are legally permitted to drive. I don't know any other.

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