Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Et tu, Attice

Today was as ordinary as a typical day. However, getting up at 6am was not too bad today, as I was in a light sleep cycle. Got to school, after spilling my backpack in a race to the door.
Typical day. Tennis in the afternoon. At least the locker room door was left unlocked. I had prepared myself in case the door was locked- leaving crucial items in a backpack outside.
Some Change
Expecting that the shuttle would not leave until late, because the typical driver was at the baseball game, some of us walked towards the station. We got on an 80 bus at 12th street, but there were a few technical details about the student fare system:
PG County school students receive free fare with ID in the afternoon
DC students receive free transfer from rail-to-bus, as well as eligibility for a discount card
Two of the five of us had passes; One passed on school ID; the other two had to pay- one with cash and one with Smartrip.
In fact, our school does border PG county.

But, another person drove the shuttle, and caught up to us. To me that was no matter; However, two people did have to pay.

PS: The barbershop on F street, NW is really slow and gives bad haircuts.

Here is my king-of-the-court winning pattern.

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