Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2

I actually do not plan on going to space next year, and to the best of my knowledge I am not on an FBI hit list. However, do not discount all of yesterday's April Fool's post. The Americans are actually quitting on space for the while being (as I foresaw happening. I saw it in the Express today.) Why I told this tale when I could have given honest truth? Because a) No one would believe it, b) and more likely, I'd be portrayed as a traitor to America. Now I'll give the April talk.

April is a fascinating month for me. Statistically speaking (based on my possible faulty research) there are a lot of people born in April 1993, and April in general. That means this is a special month for a lot of other people as well. April 2008 will be an even more special day for all of DC, because The Bishop of Rome, aka B-16, as some of is fans aptly call him, or the more proper Pope Benedict XVI, will make a once-in-a-lifetime appearance to the DC people at the new ballpark, which is perfect allegory to Revelations.

So reviewing this month, I have birthdays in line from April 2, today, to April 28, with a straight- shot list from April 16 through 22. Other events include WAMUNC at GW, within walking distance of my home, from April 10th to the 13th. As I have said before, April 17 is both my birthday and the DC Papal Mass.

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