Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Delli's Post

Delli Priscoli
Will have a Cappuccino now
Has a whacko bro
(December, 2007)

Who is this Stephen Delli Priscoli that deserves attention on today's post? Well, he is a special person. He drinks an espresso every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon, and the espresso is homemade. Delli, which is the person's popular name, denies that espresso makes him late in the morning.
He goes on to explain that it was Metro's fault, which, statistically, can be up to 9% of the time on the Orange line, which he takes regularly to the "posh hill" in Northeast Washington. However, the local community (in Northeast) sometimes does not take too well with him. It is said that the general consensus on city buses, about admitting him on is, no. Also, he has been made a victim in rock attacks. It is not surprising, as he dresses for success, and not just that, but modeled after posh Italian modelers that one frequently sees in catalogs.

And one of his dream jobs? Hand modeling. Unfortunately, since he broke and temporarily deformed one of his hands, he does not think, at least for the time being, that he can model with that hand.

Controversy. With his high-action visibility, there's a lot of repercussion that follows his thunder. For example, some have claimed that he is a you-put-it-here-ist. From his political statements that are often mistaken for terrible humor, to drawings of the UN in traditional dress, are often not taken well. However, how hateful can he be?

He is talented- he frequently scores high on tests, most of which I have not taken myself, namely Advanced French, where he talks French like a Francophone with some of his high-cultured friends. I haven't found out yet, but he may also dream in French. He also will be the future leader of the school orchestra, and wins victories for the Soccer team, and reels in medals and awards like a fiend. Orchestra is not his only musical talent; Delli, as we affectionately call him, can put most any name into music and sometimes add extra lyrics. Or even if there is no name involved, recalling the "3:20 song." It goes like, "It's 3:20, time to get on the shuttle"/ ""You stand in line waiting for the bus, you get on and pay, It's only a quarter!". He also made a speedy recovery after a hand injury, which held him out of the Tennis team for a while. But since his return yesterday, he made himself a king of the court.

So here's to one of our blog's entourage, Stephen Delli Priscoli, future world power.

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