Sunday, April 6, 2008


I played at Strathmore today. The rehearsal yesterday went past 9:30pm, and I got home at around 11pm. No time to blog there.

So Marc Yu, the child prodigy, came into rehersal in his trademark red gloves. He played excellently, and all for memory, all 30 minutes of the piano concerto. He was the star of today's charity concert at, I said it, the Music Center at Strathmore on Tuckerman Lane in Grosvenor (Pronounced Gro-ven-or, with the British accent. Been to Scotland, done that, bought the T-shirt as well) in preppy, of sorts, North Bethesda.

And I got hooked onto 99, a crispy, sweet, creme filled biscuit. Will post on Jangoonow for all to be able to enjoy.

The sun has set, and gone to bed, and so must I.
I wish to give a more detailed report soon.

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