Sunday, April 20, 2008

Smooth Criminal

I was reading about the Blogger in Draft items, and I'll add some of those cool trinkets onto the page eventually. Rotating bars, RSS Feeds (I think this is basically A.S' blog delivered straight to your e-box), etc.

I verified that the guy who was interested in buying my item was legitimate, and that he had UNICEF friends in Western Africa. However, the identity was STOLEN, as I compared the typing to Nigerian (Fraud) Bankers' writing samples.

Terminating the transaction there was a timesaver. After all, why would such a well-meaning guy be up ordering things at 3:55am (Indianapolis time)?
Some telltale indicators:
"I hope you had a good night"
as well as other trigger words such as "deployed", and "That we should arrange", but otherwise it would have racketeered much of that American empathy.

So let this be a warning to the Central Nigerian Bank: You ain't gettin' any of my technology fo' free! Yes, and if I when I go to Africa, I'll make sure to take a turboprop aircraft onto a dirt runway, and head to the trailer that serves as the terminal, to hire a personal bodyguard, and head to the address which the N(F)B gave. Just like in the movies.

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