Saturday, April 12, 2008


AKA- Crack the whips

Friday after Metro trip meant TGI Friday's lunch, 441 feet from the WAMUNC HQ. My share of the bill came out to be around $12, However, due to a tax counting error on part of a student government candidate, I had to pitch in $3 extra. But TGI's actually grilled the chicken just right! A little crispy yet juicy to describe it. Friday early afternoon was spent in a stuffy room watching Uganda Rising. I noted there that there is no thing more disruptive to decision-making than political correctness, and making sure possible security options in Uganda would not be offensive to the Ugandans. I realized that after 1 hour with a representative that I didn't take too kindly too. Dinner was at Wendy's. But before that, we were waiting for the people in SOCHUM. I finally went to check their room 20 minutes into recess. They were gone. A quick cell phone call led to the reason. Bobby Beatson. Whatever he did to influence the freshmen to desert. Quote from schoolmate in committee: (with a bit of angst at the SOCHUM people), This is probably the only time this year that I'm eating at Wendy's this year. Same with me.
Oh, and that SOCHUM. They got out an hour early, heading out to Chipotle while I was forced to listen to a P.C. specialist.

Nighttime session, very nice, modern climate controlled room at 1957 E. That was a hopeful session. I collaborated to be a sponsor with Singapore from NJ.

Next morning, very soon.
Former co-delegate walks in with a Starbuck (some sort of coffee slush item) and a pastry. That would have made a great pic. Anyway, I need to get to bed, and I'll pick this up later.

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