Friday, April 11, 2008


AKA- your classmates know your every move.

It was a lovely Thursday afternoon. The sun was out, and wearing a suit from this time period was way too much. With our victorious leader we boarded transporter 3 to the high-speed metro lines.
We exited downtown, where the sidewalks glittered as with money. The strangers to this land were disoriented- they then soon found out that I was an insider who was in their midst. I heroically lead them to their destination, but the story does not end there.

We met up with the people who arrived in personal transporters. After eating strange retro-space-age dinner inside the HQ, we headed out to constitution hall, that reeked of the early 20th century. I was in a desperate state of mind to study for a Romeo and Juliet quiz, so I was slightly distracted from the insider who ran the government earlier this century. It did not last as long or was boring as the last MUN oration that I listened to.

I was then cramped into another ugly 20th century building that was way overheat, and miserable. I could clearly see that the other members of the council were competitive. I orated more about the events on the other side of this planet, much more than I did last time. The meeting was soon over, and I headed home the low-tech way, by foot. As I was crossing the major thoroughfare to the northwest of the city, a familiar personal transporter passed by. This was filled with familiar carbon life elements. I never noticed this transporter, but the next morning, at the academy, I was informed of how I was seen on the median strip of the thoroughfare. Using my internal computer, I calculated this location, and yes, here is the lesson:

Big Brother is Watching

After the encounter,
I entered onto the world wide web and crammed external study material.

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