Saturday, January 3, 2009

FIlm Day

It totally sounds reminiscent of the classic blog post of the $500 in coins going to the bank, in my younger and more vulnerable years, but I had to relive the past. So when Walgreen's came out with the awesome offer of 10 cents per print, digital or old-timer film. Well, since it got so expen$ive in recent times ($6.95 and such), a lot of rolls of film, dating back as much as 5 or 6 years, got stacked up on the shelf. Eventually, we would get them printed. Now the chance had come. At 10 am, we sent over 13 rolls of film. With one hour processing at the rate opf $2.40 a roll, this job was done quickly, and with excellent prints, considering the age of the film, we sent another 20...this afternoon, another 11. In all, 44 rolls, adding up to the grand sum of $105.60. Blue folders filling two large bags...It'll take a long time to admire those last generation of film prints. That's just the price of procrastination in photography.

Link from JMAG

ipolomac43's Christmas video

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