Friday, January 30, 2009

MARC it to the Market

What did I do with those two snow days? Well, Tuesday, I was just about at school by the time I got the news- it only started to snow around here at 9am. But I continued to school to see if I could get some work done. Concerned that the train might slip up, I took that 80 all the way home- seeing no H1. Yet, we went out to the Fortune Star buffet near White Flint. An easy 30-minute Metro ride, and just around the NRC complex- 1 block. Great food, Great price.

And on Wednesday, after a nail-biting minute or two while turning on the computer, I found out I was redeemed for another day. So what do I do? Take a MAryland Rail Commuter train to Baltimore- a little of a rush to get on. Nice conductor, did not charge $3 surcharge. I guess that's kept for the bumps on a log who just lounge inside the train for 20 minutes. SO monstrous thuds were heard as peals of ice came off the roof. Seabrook was the first station outside the DC Metro. In less than an hour, the train pulled into Penn Station, and down the little stairway to the lightrail. Nice, clean, and pretty empty. Lexington Market for lunch. Nice place on the weekends. Sort of sad on weekdays. After 20 minutes, a lightrail came to take me downtown. Camden Yards en route to Cromwell. Very icy and cold. Stopped at two hotels on the way to the harbor. Harbour iced and frigid, and all was for $$$.Balt. Tower? $5, Aquarium? $30. Exactly. But at least Barnes and Nobles at the power plant was free. Mother did not like the place this time of year (she thought it was a clone of Norfolk), so we got out of this town on an earlier MARC.

So... when one travels to Baltimore, free entertainment is spread out!

And when school was back in session, I was told, "Snow days are for you to stay home!" Whatev.

Snow Forecast
At the unbiased mercy of an egghead in Rockville, snow accumulated and frozen water on Monday night will ensure a closing on Tuesday. That is, if the weatherman is right.

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