Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Saw Him

Receiving a call at 12:35am must have been a traumatic experience. But someone had to answer that 3am phone call. Yes, I did speak coherently for 2 min 24 sec, and regretted not turning off the cell phone before sleep. Then, I wake up, and didn't really remember that I answered the phone during sleep.

And then, today, I saw Him. It was at the concert on the Mall, and He came out and spoke to us. It was another fresh speech of change. And I was there live, and caught it on video. He was The Barack Obama, and I heard him live, and saw him over the jumbotron.

And that brings me to last Sunday. As was religious duty,it was church at 7:45 am. That meant being woken at 7:30am, just with a mere 41/2 hours of sleep. THen came the task of cooking the eggs again. Soon, it was time to serve. The mimosas offered some comfort to the diners, but we were running slow. But we caught up, and I was transferred to the unglamorous task of dishwashing. And you get paid <$6.50/hour for that!? That's life, I suppose, as a comfortable desk job rakes in 3x as much or more. So I had to deal with the unwieldy equipment, and the cumulative amount of spray soaked my outer shirt. Well, the job was done by 1pm, and I had the chance to join the others and dispose of the balloons, i.e., shove them into the new elevator. Our church, like many others, joined the fad of building new buildings. Ours was completed only about last month, and the rooms were still unoccupied. I felt like an explorer roaming the winding staircases and sloping halls and mezzanines, untouched to suited men. SInce we had done so much, the rest of the mess was cleaned up later.
Boy was I tried come Monday Morning. TG for tomorrow's holiday.

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