Friday, February 6, 2009


This would be my second run at CUMUNC- the Catholic University Model UN Conference. Well, maybe I could snatch an award this time. So yesterday afternoon, we got in the trusty steed- actually, just your typical SUV in a school bus form. I never knew that the buslets had a little PA system. ETA- must have been under 10 minutes.

Unlike last year, I did not have any frantic research to do, and a greater appreciation for this fine arts was show by the teachers, who did not pile on homework. Naturally, there was an opening ceremony. So there was the I was quite impressed with the brevity of some of the speakers' speeches. Straight to the point is good. This was after multiple plates of cheese cubes, crackers, and cheese-laden spinach provided- oh and some delectable cookies. and some strawberry punch. Session One- went quite smooth. I kept a lot to myself; but did not miss out on anything, as I prepared the drafts for the working paper. Quickly, it became 10:30pm, and time to postpone work for several hours and 2 class periods.

Over the first two days, we came across two SAAS alumni- I guess the Pryz is actually an everybody's place- or were they just trying to come our way?

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