Sunday, February 8, 2009


It took only 15 minutes to get there, so I had some time to burn until an ally came and briefing on some of the other countries' blunders. I then prepared my final speech, which, if done right, could make a victory ours. Before I could contemplate on running my card through Starbucks, it was time for committee session 6, the last. I sorted through my bag and found my bottle of water, important to ward off illness, and my ceremonial blue folder as well as the manila folder of press releases and personal messages. And how did it get in there? An award frame, similar to the ones that they put those 81/2x11 motivational awards in, or a MUNC award in. Somebody in my family must have been sending me a subliminal message, but I didn't remember having a loose one of those at home, though. M-Dogg kept the confidential releases.

After more press releases and more threats of gassing and the reality check that gas masks cost $200, not $2, the committee was totally partisan. But after much stalling, the final hour fell. I had not yet given my grand speech. Now tt was goofy time, and we did every imaginable loony thing in one hour, but thanks to that hour, Ethiopia had to clean up the floor singlehandedly. Purposeful success, compared to nuking Godzilla or the internet (which the dais had already proposed in a previous MUNC in high school). Lunch in a white gift bag, and we found the hideout of all the bruthas in Starbucks (I did not see even one of them with a Starbucks cup, but I guess at least one of them bought one). Grab a few bottles of water for the people next to be satisfied while I sipped from mine during the long ending ceremony.

There was a slideshow, with lots of pictures of the informal dance. Sort of glad I didn't go to it: a lot of guys were sidelined. Then came the intense part: the awards ceremony? Would I be able to slip one of them in that frame that I happened to have?

In short, I did. It turned out to be Best Delegate, good for M-Dogg's first run at MUN. But what to do with the unwieldy gavel which we had to share? I get to put it on display at home. M-Dogg, after the ceremony finished, asked to do a switch. So I pulled out the frame. The little congregation proclaimed at just about once;You brought a frame!?

But I'm not that type of person, though, so I wanted to find out really what the deal was about the frame. Nevertheless, as I had that frame on me, I got the paper instead. I could just imagine the uproar if that had been the person (CB) who won two awards at once. Sort of like being hit with two penalties for one crime. Sure, I was so confident that I would win an award, the population acclaimed. But I would have brought a half-dozen, a whole dozen frames if I thought like that, for everyone's awards!

It turns out that the shop where mommy got the bag was giving out free frames. To save a plastic bag, she put the frame in the bag, but forgot about it, and it came to conference with me.

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