Thursday, February 19, 2009

RIP Peter Samp

A Facebook friend has gone to the greater glory. But I have a physics test tomorrow, and I do not think that I will be able to pay right tribute, however, I had already started:

He spent his last seven years with his high school friends
He had only one year after that
Left no mortgage payment, left no college debt
Had no wife or kids
Didn’t have a sip of alcohol, not much if he did: I suppose he never smoked either
In his last year he was on it’s academic; hillary clinton
Death so peaceful, something to accept when it comes
Never again will he roam at home
Was he an only child? What tragedy would that bring to the parents?
The cyst from childhood: Was death always near?
Besides, an innocent life and death can't be held against you at Judgment.
Now, there's an empty place at Harvard, who will take it? One of our own? Someone from Asia? No one?

I knew him a little: We were in the It's Academic team contemporaneously, and he was always winning awards that makes a school proud to have you. Otherwise, I lack details.

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