Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Back about 20 years ago, Canada had a $2 bill. You may have gone there multiple times and never come across one. That's because it was replaced (not just 'phased out')by the bimetallic tooney. That won't fly in America regarding $1 coins. For some reason, Americans love the Washington greenbacks, even though they aren't very pristine after a few transactions. Green with Envy? Or is it just that coins are all heavy and everything in the pocket.

Think of this: 5 dollar coins versus 20 quarters. That's what DC Metro farecard machines gave out as maximum change. Half a roll of quarters. Positive change?
And anyway, it makes one feel more international. Few countries have bills for 1 unit of currency anymore.

At least $1 coins make it through the wash pretty well.

Now is that $1000 Mexico coin worth $10 or a cash cow at $100?
Now about those half dollar coins and two dollar bills...

Now onto more serious and pertinent business:

Let's Find Atticus Sawatzki's 1 GB USB Plug-in flash drive.
It's a classic. And there's a $5 cash reward fund to find it and compensate the returner, thief or not.

Taken from a computer in the early afternoon hours of 5/4/09, and being handled like stolen property- no geribund piece of technology deserves to be treated that way!
So, let's find it!

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