Friday, May 22, 2009

Main House does it again

Call it "Harry Potter", but house is a big matter here.

So consider the first Main-3 kickball game. Holding a 1-1 tie, until the last inning. 1-3. We keep untamed softball field. Next game, we advance to the real field. We win, and stay. Last game, top of the third, last play. I got a call to run on anything. A good kick to far right as I was on first. I found 2nd base (a tiny orange speck on the infield grass), but after turning270 degrees, just could not find third base. I think I reached the runner's path as turned towards home. Skipped a base!? By some rule, the other guy was out (a sacrifice play, I presume), so I could not back to third, even though I was not tagged. Anyway, it should not have mattered as there was no bottom of the inning.

Dodgeball. Main wins again. second game, a last-second save by freeing all prisoners by making a half-court shot. (Victory was done by prisoner count after 12 minutes)

Flag Football- a giant heads towards me. I fend the quarterback by retreating to a side collision than head on. In retrospect- it might have made me look queasy. "Atticus it's just a matter of collision", says the physics teacher.
So our group of mostly little kids fared well. We supposed the other two teams fared even better. They did.

Whole-school activities- not for Main, in general.
Super relay. Greased watermelon, chair hop, wheelbarrow, and our grade's (virgin)'jello shots'. All tied up until this point. Our four chuggers, in relay, spun around a bat 10 times and jogged to the 2 cups of jello, each. The goal was to get that done, asap, and dash and tag your house head so he could cross the finish line. Some of our guys fared well, but some guys weren't able to chug. I mean, as a moral supporter, I chugged one or two myself. No biggie. As I asked and received, it turns out that the spinning really made it hard to swallow. We did fine.

Capture the flag. Four quadrants for four houses. Objective: Nab as many of the other six flags as you can, w/o losing your two. More complex tough, with lots of cheating. Strong defense was key. Main one one game out of three, with super defense and an administrator to monitor cheaters.

Relay. 5 of each grade, each house, except for including every 6th grader (in Potter speak, form A). It held us back quite a bit though, throughout most 29 of our runners. But Mikey really pulled us far ahead to third place in the relay...

Ice Cream and results.

It was really, really close (suspense builds)
Fourth Place- Austin- 195 pts
Third Place- Alban- 198
Second Place... (Main or Moore?)-199
Moore, (therefore), Main won with 208 points.

For a third year? Special vetting rules take place for consecutive champs- no one's won three in a row. Nevertheless, it may be time to make up for 13 years of lost time.

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