Monday, May 11, 2009

Six Flags; Largo, MD

Dan Snyder charges people $15 to park in his parking lot. Then he charges $50 per head (1/2 price at $25 if you're aware of your surroundings). Then, you enter into a place where there are no water fountains, rather water can be bought at 17 1/2 cents an ounce, or $3.50 a bottle. Or get a hold of a $15. Personal Pizza from Papa J's on site. Is it the epithet of capitalism? Hopefully not. But other than the cash drains I tried hard to avoid (I got out at $6.51, $6 on 3 games of skill and 51 cents on a flattened penny). At least it was not the $22 a comrade lost trying to get that PSP. But the rides were great. We started with Mind Eraser, a bottomless upside down type. Kept my eyes closed. No sights to see. Roar a wooden coaster, Joker's face, a maglev launch type, 0-60mph in 3 seconds that gave a mild sensation for that time but none else other than thrill. And I didn't loose my hat, although I might have lost some change on Batwing, a prostrate- ridden coaster. Three rides on the massive Superman: Ride of Steel. By this time I enjoyed staring down at that angle. Got soaked in Nantucket on my boat. Now I come home with red arms and nose. So I use aloe vera gel, and some papaya. Worked well to ease the mild discomfort. Take a C-series Metrobus from Addison Road or Largo? and keep your parking money for yourself. And don't buy food there, either. Oh, and there were no lines at all- that was the best part...can't stand those things.

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