Tuesday, June 9, 2009

L"Hippo Lemonade

As I was going to finish I never did a lemonade stand before, in real life, that is, so I thought I'd do some 'entrepreneurship', as it is called when older kids are involved. So since it was not raining yesterday, I went out.It didn't net big with soda cans and water bottles, probably because it wasn't that typical Washington summer day, everyone else got their drinks from the vendor near the Subway entrance, and the low-visibility cooler didn't help much. Maybe once I find the big blue one I'll try again, but the main point is that I finished L'Hippo the comic book- 7 years after Santiago and his Adventure of the White Blood Cell King.

Short story- A French Hippo comes to America and has it out with the Nigerian Embassy over a lottery scheme.

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