Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Review

It's pretty much summer, and I've been away from school for about 3 weeks. I'm a little disoriented, sweeping, in one hour, from school to summer job. But then come disorienting dreams. They only tend to happen when I get more than 8 hours of sleep. Some summer dreams from the past include:

-Forgetting to pack merchandise for a 8-week stint
-If my world was limited (Camp Incarnation - I must have watched the Truman Show that night)- I took a canoe and ran into the gym wall.
And most recently:
-Chinatown Montreal and New York blend in a dream and half of it is nowhere to be found
-Walk from Columbus Circle all the way up to the GWB and become disappointed, because I didn't go all the way to the tip (for those who don't know NYC topography, that's 6 miles without completing the seventh.)I also stopped at Thai Pan, a Thai restaurant where I was given some rare coins, including the 1956 Franklin Half Dollar and 1794 Mozart Coinboy (Does not exist in real life). Then I have a cherry Yogurt and plan to go to Chinatown the next morning, and finish walking to Inwood- the tip (never did). This was Friday night's dream.

-Summer vacation disappears as I enter time warp as I read an article about the 1999 Half Dollar being overvalued, and everyone else tells me about their summer. Of course this was after finding a treasure chest (it always happens this way!)- Saturday night's dream. And I do have a 1999 Half Dollar in my pocket.

So before I get disappointed about my summer-

Go somewhere away- Enjoyed the mountain air in Front Royal 2 weeks ago. Really enjoyed last summer vacation- this is the second time I bring it up post facto. (although I didn't like the 3:30am phone ring!)

Things to do:
Find out what's east of the Capitol
Take a multi-transfer bus trip to Rockville(for $1.25) via Glen Echo and Great Falls
Spend more than 1.5 hours in Richmond
Help society (details to follow)

Summer vacation before Summer- enjoy the sensation of American kid freedom, start to want to do Summer homework to get it over with.

Before July 4- start doing summer homework but eventually lose pace (didn't happen last year, thank goodness), start summer activity (camp or work); it's not too late that one must mourn summer

July- forget that you're on a summer break and that time is ticking

August- uh-oh. There isn't much time left. Hopefully, summer homework is done. Washington DC really empties out, I'm typically away the first week on vacation.

back-to-school- enjoy the really cheap sales on school goods- FREE glue, 1 cent folders, and other purchases that makes you feel that it's the 1920's. Oh, and accept that summer is almost over.

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