Friday, July 24, 2009

Forecast 2010

DISCLAIMER: The atticussawatzki blog does not typically take sides on politics. This is not apathy:it's just an open forum for discussion.

Who's in and who's out

Conservatives gain seats in House and Senate. Many view one-part control of the three branches as a speeding train without brakes. Even with an economic recovery, people are spooked by the Summer of 2009- socialized medicine in the works? Obama is still likable.

Va. Gov. Tim Kaine gets a job in the White House.

Md. Gov. Martin O'Malley is voted out of office for all the things he did incorrectly (just things)- and was able to do a successful 2012 presidential bid is out of question.

DC Mayor (and maybe future governor) Adrian Fenty is reelected with plenty of room to spare- even though opponents try to start a rumor (it happens every cycle)

MoCo County exec Ike Leggett makes it; claims he helped county fight budget crisis and blames Mr. O'Malley for everything that he couldn't fix single-handedly. His new private office bathroom wasn't too politically scarring.

Rep. Norton (DC) gets more representation

George Bush enjoying himself in Texas.

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