Monday, August 31, 2009

Procrastination, Hiatus

I interrupt my regular post, "The costs of building a responsible freeway" to bring you an update on the swirling ideas in my head.

Taking the engineering design process which I so fervently learned in Penna. in July,
Let's take $100. What can we do with it to make it bigger?

Heat it up so the molecules expand- it's bigger, but the value does not increase
Give a loan- I'm always nervous when giving loans, whether $1 or $10.
Give a microloan- the young entrepreneurs I know are studious about timely payback- "Bis dat qui cito dat" (Latin for "Who gives back quickly gives twice")
Look online and start a home-brewed business with it- cut out the middleman/lady who receives the microloan

Ahh, I almost forgot about the nice 70 degree weather outside. First time since May I wore long sleeves.

Here's the scoop:

Well, last day of summer vacation

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