Thursday, August 6, 2009

The time they sleep

Getting your sleep is important. But how do I get it?
If I go to bed like about now, yes, I'll get over 8 hours of sleep before getting up. That sure is plenty enough. But does the time really matter?
Can you break it up over the day?
I don't know; I've heard different things, and I'm not that good of a napper.
Except that time in March when I had a 24 hour flu and fell to sleep at 6 pm
Then there is the sleep cycle theory- 5 stages of sleep. When the alarm clock goes off and you're in stage 1, you're ready to go. 2,3, hard to get up, can't get back to sleep real quickly if you wanted too, though. Two extra minutes help. 4 or 5, you can slip back to sleep easy, but if you have to get up...
I'm thinking of getting that wrist thing. It senses movement and will wake you up a bit earlier if it's a good time.
But the older you get, the less stage 5 (REM dreaming) sleep you get. Less memorable dreams. Sigh.

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