Friday, April 17, 2009

Considered 16

A little chilly for a great game of outdoor Capture the Flag, then, it really heated up. Every April 17th, warmer than the 14th.

OK, so I got my Library of Congress card. Somehow, I thought I could get down from Brookland to Capitol South in 1/2 of an hour. Not possible. So therefore, I'd have to give the trip a little more time- like 15 minutes more. After a long run with a heavy pack, I got on the train for 3 stops- then took a 6 block walk. This is supposedly faster than riding 24 blocks out of the way to Metro Center. Sweaty, but made it 5 minutes short of the 4:30 deadline. Getting the card was a simple matter- fill out a simple form, and- government photos- I looked organic, and not done up. Well.

To avoid an innumerable amount of punches, I kept it on the lowdown. Anyway, anyone who really cared about govong me punches would have asked or done research.

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