Saturday, April 25, 2009

DMV Rant, #2

So I got up at 6:30am today to beat everyone else to the DMV. I mean, I got up at 6am anyway because of whatever reason I don't know. So I get to the place 45 minutes early. There are two people ahead of me. 8:00am, 15 minutes to opening, a line forms and stretched pretty far. So it goes sort of smoothly. By 8:45 I had (barely) passed the new + updated test- 10 more questions and an 80% minimum grade (up from 75%)- all since the last time I visited- the lady next to me did not. Ouch.
After a while of waiting and thinking smiles for the picture, I had the vision test. Pretty simple and straightforward. I read the two columns of numbers with flying ease. "Read the third column", growled the impassable dmv'er. There was a third column!? So I read to the best of my ability. The I got handed an eye exam form for my optometrist. I do not have vision issues. I can see what a traffic light is being across the river. Last time I checked, I had better than perfect vision in one eye, and dmv-acceptable in the other- even when the tin can eye testing thing used by non-specialists say that I don't. If I didn't have to go to orchestra, I would have had a chat with the manager about seeing well enough.

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