Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not quite warm

A Beautiful Mind, a great movie. Since I haven't finished watching it (I see tomorrow as a feasible day to do so), I won't write a whole review. But It got me thinking: Commies putting codes in American magazines like Life and Vanity Fair? I doubt it- only Newsweek. And the radium diode- it may have perplexed some, but it makes total sense. The implant reads the decay of the radioactive element, and when that number, visible only under blacklight, is typed into the keypad- the simple computer verifies that number. Neat security tool. Just wondering if those tiny 7-bar displays existed back then.

So- I'm just waiting for Easter- the final divider to the end of the school year. Amazing. Yet I can't believe it's April on account of that brisk air...

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