Wednesday, April 29, 2009

School Elections, Again

On Monday, we had a speech. Wegot to see what these candidates were. No candid togas, though. Some spoke with the eloquence of Obama, and some spoke downright like Bush. as usual, they gave us each 5 minutes of pander. Please, we are not electing a social chair! Four teams arranged like cliques, almost: superjocks (who played the more well-advertised sport), the wrestlers, the people just like us folk, and the people who dressed to make a statement- red suit-jacket on one, and all-black for the other. Student power, the prettiest pander ever. This year voting was online, and, as it turns out, pretty reliable- no double-votes. As a social experiment, the jocks won, even though they were not the best speakers, nor the most pandering to the student body. However, following his brother's lead, they did go out and do meet-and-greet, as well as the 'survey'.

All this makes me want to get into this whirlwind of constituents, dirty laundry, and promises of better school dances in next year's cycle.

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