Friday, April 24, 2009

DMV Rant, #1

It's been a long while (at least for me) since our last post. So I'm here to rant about the DMV.
So it was Tuesday, and I was on a break between two parts of a test. Since it was my first opportunity that I had to try to get a Learner's Permit. So I went. The line was not too bad, actually. Butthere was a complication. Proof of residency did not include your daddy's utility bill if only mommy was with you, or your HOA statement that said your parents were not two random strangers to each other. He was on lunch break, and I had to go. Postpone.

But I must say that they were giving a plan B. Not the meanest DMV people. Yet they had much bigger problems. As the only DC DMV that processed foreign applications (being Georgetown and everything), handling proof of residency shouldn't be an issue compared to seeing if a Madagascar License (if one existed) was at par with America.
So then I found out the Georgetown DMV's new hours- Open on Saturday. SO I'll try tomorrow.

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