Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And I did it again

Since there is not much to say...

I don't cut ahead to "the people I'm going home with" in the shuttle line, as I fear an investigation by the middle school on "why the 9th graders always go home together." Today was an atypical day, judging from the front of the line, some people had intramurals (the other 9th and 10th grade), and lots of classes let out way early. My preparation for the dash did nothing to propel me ahead of the third shuttle. Third Shuttle (sometimes fourth) resembles the 4:40. Anyway, I don't wait for third shuttles and therefore I walked. For the fourth time I walked all the way from the school to the station (once after orchestra on Friday, once after a concert, once after a half-day of exams-with everyone else, and today.) But this was the first time that I walked to Fort Totten, as no 80 bus came to lift me up. Nothing special walking. Just watched as the first shuttle passed me and caught off guard by a dog, and was pretty tired as I landed with the second shuttle's passengers at the station. They called me brave and I had to explain that there were no gangstas. Unlike daily blogging, I suppose this isn't something that I should keep up, eschewing the third shuttle when alone in relation to classmates.

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