Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who is the winner?

Remember paperfight? I never declared a winner on the internet. Where it stands is that they were both winners. It was a cool game. But in the pragmatic sense, I would have to say that Riley wins my 10-second clip, but Malcolm had some good moments. Of course I must call it a draw (aka you're both winners), as there is no set way to win. (Fight until someone surrenders? How it looks on screen?)

But I would not be typing "write" now if it wasn't for the generous action of one classmate*, who noticed some thing that I did not. He let me go in front of him (I asked "really?", and I suppose he decided that I would probably go ahead of the communal entourage,) and landed as the last person to board the shuttle.

Situational Irony...I guess...
In fact, I don't take generosity for granted, and, having no need to rush home, studied some Religion on the platform. Eventually the rest of the entourage connected with the stray pieces and traveled to their respective abodes.

Remember... Don't be too surprised if I can't be e-present tomorrow. That conference runs late tomorrow, and I still have to get to school on Friday. I think I'll just double-post on Friday night after the conference, parts 1 and 2.

* As policy, I leave out names unless it's cool with them (aka requested) , it's necessary (Riley and Malcolm), or it's someone who I have never met that needs an e-slamming. (The Bush Family)

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