Friday, February 22, 2008

He's Going Away

This Little Brother is going to be going back to New York on the 4:05pm train today, 178 Regional Amtrak. No more havoc on my blog until after Easter!
Other than that, today is a full snow day, and therefore I can catch up on everything I've been lacking. Sleep, homework head start, J-MAG, violin, etc.
Let's reiterate the last few days' events:
Wednesday night- I had to run out to see the eclipse.
Thursday night- It's academic- you are lucky if you missed this one. 80% of the questions were about economics, artwork, or literature. Somehow I sat through it. Rushing onwards, I did find a 1964 Silver Quarter in my change. That's at least some good luck for that day. (approximate monetary value- $3.25.)

The Panther Paper has joined the 21st century! Visit online at
That's my kind of paper.

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