Thursday, February 14, 2008

Post 100 Day

Remember, this is a special day for the Atticus Sawatzki's blog production crew!
This is our 100th post. And by luck, 100th falls on a holiday called Valentines day. Unfortunately, I did not have religion class today, and therefore did not re-learn again who was St. Valentine. I was thinking of making the milestone on February, 29, but daily blogging pushed the date ahead. We will still celebrate our blog's first anniversary on March, 1, capping off our first 366 days. Next year I plan to post 365 posts. That's tentative, though.

As for my other life, I just came back from the Trajan party, a brief little Latin translation brouhaha. Before that, I was doing It's Academic. I thought it was 4:00 when the party started, but I guess they started a little before, and I didn't get the first few lines edited. Oh well. I actually did the work before the parties, and therefore did not crash because of missing a few lines of translation. Only one more thing; "Mom, I'm on the first shuttle (at 4:40pm) and it left on time for a change."

And a psychology question: If you read the post labels, you may have been drawn to the Injury section. Nothing wrong. I understand what people want: Drama. Which brings up the point- what do you look for in the news? integrity, or entertainment and mindless ballyhoo.
What we call the news- Tragedies, adventures, romances, dramas, and inspirational coaches.

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