Thursday, February 28, 2008

School Pride Week

Did I tell you that It's Academic with our people is on television this Saturday? If I did, I misspoke. It's showing on March 29, in about a month.

Today was Jersey day. I wore a Little League jersey that came from Macomb Park's Orioles. Remember, this was pre-Nationals. As it was size 14-16, it must have been huge on me at the time, because it still fit over a long-sleeve undershirt. Oh, and did I say that the Orioles most won all the time? Of course all the teams were winners. But the most outrageous outfit was the leotard-singlet for the wrestling team. However, most wrestlers had decency to keep their leotards in the gym.

Yesterday was house shirt day. Yes, the joke did come. "Do you want to hear the biggest joke?""Main House.""Brouhaha-ha-ha."

Tomorrow is school color day. They sold out of Wiill Jurith's economical Abbey Love shirts before I got to buying one, so I had to Cave it and get an $18 Anselm's shirt. Why didn't he sell them in the cave to make it easier for everyone?
And is there a "club-level" sport I could join? I need one now to fill in my sport for this year on the college resume.

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