Saturday, February 9, 2008

CUMUNC III (Saturday)

It was about 9:50am. I was thinking I might become the dictator of the country, as Chris was not there yet. But he came. That was probably a beneficial thing, because we actually pressed our papers through the vote. Good thing for points. That took us through until lunch, which was a boxed sandwich, and a bag of chips, and a brownie that actually tasted United Nations-fresh. As well as a whole table of soda cans to pick from. Some research about the child soldier problem, and a power play in creating a popular working paper. Unfortunately, the European economy crashed when Russia sealed the borders and France dropped the Euro and reverted to the Franc. But, we got our version into the passing process. Then time was up, and following the customs of St. Anselm's, did not go to the Delegate Dance.

I was driven by the faculty member to the station in a sweet little car. However, there was surprise track work and the train didn't come. Until I boarded the G8 home. At least the ride was quick, but I hurt my ear trying to talk on my Cell over the loud people. By the convention center, however, I was the second-to-last person on the bus, and had personal time with the driver for about 5 blocks. Now I was supposed to meet my mother in Farragut Square. Apparently the ride went so fast she had not made it to the square yet. I jumped the 38B to my doorsteps (in the West End). I called my mother and found that out. (P.S. I live 10 blocks from the square.)

It took 45 minutes for the complete trip, nearly as fast as a rush hour train trip.

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