Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little Brother's main appearance

I would have blog-told that he was coming today, but as I said, he was busy on the computer. So he was being a shadow to one of our comrades. Because of our early-ending test (I got a 96), and the other class' Intramurals, we managed to board that first shuttle. He insisted that I must not linger on the platform for the other people, and we got home faster than any other day. 4:06pm. I still prefer being with everyone else, FYI

Yesterday: After Mount Vernon.
It started to rain, and there was this massive line for the shuttle to the overfill lot. We walked, and it was actually not that long of a walk, because everyone was parked in the wrong lot, at a large church, instead of the high school, three-quarter of a mile further down the road. Taking US Route 1 was plain slow, but the beltway to Annadale, through Springfield, was great. Pick up some Chinese groceries, and went home to a good parking spot in front of my residence. Then haircut, and the end of a three-day weekend.

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