Friday, February 29, 2008

Special times

Tomorrow's post will be our first anniversary post! We've been here, to England, back, to Canada, and back with this blog. More sentimental material tomorrow.
If you have not noticed, today is February 29th, a day that only comes once every four years. If it wasn't for this, it would be March now, and Christmas would have flown around Easter and back. On the same string, don't forget, Easter is early this year on March 23, forcing St. Patrick's green day into Holy week, a feat not rivaled since 1940.

Other than that, it was the last day of Pride Week before the Invitational Tournament. We all wore maroon and silver, and got handy with the face paint. Good job to Y of abbey, the paint was layered on so well to the torso that it looked like a shirt with a Y on it. We won, grabbing our big lead in the 2nd quarter. Washington International School committed 13 fouls in the last half. Our whole school was there, shouting things from "Let's go Abbey" to "That's not classy" to "Start the bus". Great fun.

ST. A: 63 WIS: 54 (Please proofread my scores)

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