Saturday, February 9, 2008

CUMUNC II (Friday)

I got up at 6am as usual. My math homework was done. I was fine, until about 3rd period, when sleep deprivation hit me. I was still fine. At 1:30 the Italian started moaning about putting our issue to the side. We, however got that Trafficking paper passed, and our school made sure to be the writer of a working paper. About 2 hours in, the chair had us split our paper, and the Italian's papers into different topics about global warming. A crisis situation occured, and it was slightly fun because it somewhat involved our country, South Africa. It was basically less polution or more good HIV drugs. And so then it was dinner break. Their food court was schism-ed from the Catholic part, basically selling out of any good meatless options for a Lenten Friday. Session 2, we did whatsoever, and time flew to 10:00. I was able to Blog last night as I did not have to go to school early today.

By request, I mention that Tomas received a 103 on his Huck Finn Quiz. An A+++.

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