Monday, February 18, 2008

Must keep this brief

Two reasons- I have to go out and get my haircut, and I just had my braces tightened, so I can't stay still for long.

I started my day with the orthodontist appointment. I should be getting these braces off before this summer, which was what today's 73 degree weather felt like. Then we went off to Mount Vernon. The driving was fine until a half mile from the estate, where there was a jam because of the incompetent policeman, who could not functionally direct traffic. In the overflow lot, we had to wait half an hour for the shuttle bus to the estate. There were, in fact, three of them running the short route, but the drivers kept running into the congested circle. So there, it took an hour from the lot to the estate. Mount Vernon was free today, the only day of the year it is so, and therefore it was uber-crowded. The new exhibit building really took a lot of the history away. However, the little IMAX film was pretty cool.

The rest of the day will come later...

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